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Refugee Team at the Paralympic Games

The Refugee Paralympic Team provides an opportunity for displaced athletes to compete on the global stage, representing the millions of displaced people worldwide. It promotes inclusivity, recognizing the resilience and talent of individuals who have faced extraordinary challenges.

By participating in the Paralympic Games under the Refugee Olympic Team banner, these athletes not only compete at the highest level but also serve as symbols of hope, resilience, and the human spirit, bringing attention to the global refugee crisis and advocating for solidarity and support for displaced communities worldwide.

The Paris 2024 Refugee Paralympic Team

At the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, there will be a Refugee Paralympic Team for the third time.  The team will comprise eight athletes and one support runner, the largest ever Refugee Paralympic Team

The Tokyo 2021 Refugee Paralympic Team

At the Tokyo Paralympics in 2021, there were over 4000 athletes from 98 countries represented, including a team of six refugees, competing as the Refugee Paralympic Team (RPT) under the IPC flag. The team was the first to enter the Japan National Stadium for the Opening Ceremony. The team included one woman and five men competing in four different sports.

The Rio 2016 Refugee Paralympic Team

At the Rio 2016 Paralympics, a two-person team of refugee and asylum-seeking athletes formed the Independent Paralympic Athletes Team, featuring Al Hussein and Nasajpour who also represented the RPT at Tokyo 2020.

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