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The Friendship Games

The Friendship Games is an international multi-sport event that was first held in the Soviet Union and other socialist states as an alternative to the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. In response to the exclusion of many Russian teams and events from elite international sport, another Friendship Games has been organized to be held shortly after the Summer Olympics in Paris

Friendship Games 1984: held between 2 July and 16 September 1984 in the Soviet Union and eight other socialist states which had boycotted the 1984 LA Olympics. Athletes from about 50 nations took part in the competition. Sporting competitions were held in 22 of the Olympic disciplines at the time (all except football and synchronized swimming), and also the non-Olympic sports of table tennis, tennis, and sambo wrestling.

World Friendship Games 2025: origially planned be held in Russia in September 2024, shortly after the Summer Olympics in Paris, it isnow postponed until 2025.

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