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Steeplechase at the Olympics - 1900 until 1912

Steeplechase races have been featured at the Olympics since 1900, though the distance raced varied until the modern 3km steeplechase for men was introduced at the Olympics in 1920. A women's event was added to the program very recently, in 2008.

1900 (2500m)

This was the first time a steeplechase event was held at the Olympic Games. It involved five laps of the 500m track.

  1. George Orton (CAN) 7:34.4
  2. Sidney Robinson (GBR) 7:38.0
  3. Jacques Chastanié (FRA)

1900 (4000m)

The 4000m steeplechase was held the day after the 2500m event. It involved eight laps of the 500m track. This is the longest distance steeplechase event that has been held at the Olympics. The three medallists from the previous day's 2500m steeplechase also competed in this race, with only Sidney Robinson getting another medal.

  1. John Rimmer Great Britain
  2. Charles Bennett Great Britain
  3. Sidney Robinson Great Britain

1904 (2590m)

  1. James Lightbody (USA) 7:39.6
  2. John Daly (GBR) 7:40.6
  3. Arthur Newton (USA) 7:45.6

1908 (3200m)

The race was held on a ​1⁄3 mile track (536.45m).

  1. Arthur Russell Great Britain 10:47.8
  2. Archie Robertson Great Britain 10:48.4
  3. John Eisele United States 11:00.8

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