Archery is one of the optional Commonwealth Games sports. It was first on the program in 1982 in Brisbane and then again appeared in 2010 in Delhi India, but is not on the schedule for 2014. In 1982, only men’s and women’s recurve event were included. In 2010, recurve and compound events were on the program.

What is it?

Modern archery is very scientific in its approach, but it still relies on athletes having confidence in their own instincts - it is a tough sport both in terms of technique, discipline and mental resolve. Archers also need a high degree of fitness to allow them to shoot with greater intensity and frequency during training.

There are traditionally two disciplines in the sport of archery, Target Archery and Field Archery



In 2010 there were both men's and women's archery events, held at two venues: the I. G. Indoor Stadium Complex and India Gate / Red Fort. There were eight gold medals up for grabs, four events each for Men and Women (team and individual, compound and recurve).

Men's Results

Women's Results

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