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Gordie Howe : Ice Hockey

Gordon “Gordie” Howe, OC (born: March 31, 1928), also known as “Mr. Hockey”, is acknowledged as one of the best-ever-all-around players in the history of hockey. He played twenty-six seasons for five decades in the National Hockey League and six seasons in the World Hockey Association. He started to play hockey with the Red Wings’ minor-league when he was 17 and the following year, given the chance to make it to the major-league club. The Canadian player was recruited by the Red Wings in 1946. He was one of the game’s most productive scorers. He continued to play even in his mid-40s, scoring over a hundred points twice in a span of six years.

Greatest Sporting Achievements

Gordie Howe is a 23-time NHL All-Star. He set NHL records and continue to hold them until this day, including most goals scored during the regular season, most winning goals scored, most seasons played and most regular-season games played. In 1971, he received Order of Canada, in 1972 he was inducted into the International Hockey Hall of Fame and in 2008, and he received the NHL Lifetime Achievement Award.

Why Was He So Good?

Gordie Howe earned his fame for being the most durable player of all time. He is most famous for scoring expertise, physical power and profession longevity. He was quick and dominant on the ice. He had the skill to shoot the puck using either his left or right hand. Howe helped popularize the sport all over the world. He totally immersed himself in the sport, playing day in and out throughout the years.

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