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Art and sport have always been closely linked. Both art and sport share common elements of creativity, expression, aesthetics, and cultural significance. While they may manifest differently, these two realms are intertwined in various ways and have the potential to enrich human experiences and foster connections among individuals and communities.

Sport Designs

Since the early Olympic Games, art posters have been used to promote the Games, and many kids have grown up with sports posters adorning their walls. Even early Olympic Games included Art Competitions.

When is sport art?

Fans of sport are attracted by the beauty of athletic competition. There is also ongoing debate whether some sports are actually artistic endeavors, such as the diving, gymnastics and ice skating.

Capturing Sport as Art

Sports photography and videography is the art of capturing sporting events on film for our enjoyment of not just the game, but is also capturing the action of the sport creatively for us to enjoy.

Divers sculpture by David Martin Divers sculpture by David Martin, Yerevan Cascade, Yerevan, Armenia

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Art Extra

There is art of sports, art as a sport and sporting artists.

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