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Greatest Olympic Athlete of All Time

Search online for "the greatest Olympian of all time" and undoubtedly the answer will predominantly be swimmer Michael Phelps. He has been labeled the greatest ever Olympian due to his record number of gold medals won, but medal count should not be the only criteria for determining the greatest ever Olympian. Hi is the most decorated athlete, but is he the greatest?

Phelps is also on everyone's mind as he competed in the most recent Olympic games, there are many greats that are not in our recent memory. The Olympic Games has showcased some great athletes over a long time period, from a large range of international sports. A close look at the facts and figures of all Olympians will throw up many other athletes that should also be considered for the title of the Greatest Olympian.

Greatest Criteria

The number of medals should not be the only criteria for the greatest Olympian. Here are some other factors which should be considered:

Olympic Legends

Here my suggestions of the Olympians who should be considered as the greatest (no particular order).

Greatest Olympian Lists

Greatest Olympic Athlete?

In a slightly different twist, a poll on ESPN Sport Science conducted in 2012 looked at the Greatest Olympic Athlete of All Time. The voting was based on the best athlete (not player) who has a combination of strength, speed, endurance, quickness, durability and the other attributes that make an athlete elite. In the first round, Michael Phelps easily won the voting.

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