Luge is a Winter Olympic sport. It uses a small one or two-person sled, on which the participants slide down the mountain face up and feet first. Racing sleds weigh around twenty one to twenty five kilograms for singles, and twenty five to thirty kilograms for doubles. The lugers can read the speed of up to 140 kilometers per hour.

The term luge was first used in 1905. It’s from the French Savoy/Swiss dialect which means small coasting sled. The governing body for Luge is the Federation Internationale de Luge de Course. A team consisting of one or two can play. Both men and women can play but usually in separate competitions.

Luge is held on either artificial tracks or natural tracks. Natural tracks are on existing mountain roads and paths. The participants equip themselves with a sled, helmet, suit, visor, gloves, finger spikes, and booties. The four luge disciplines are: men’s singles, doubles or mixed event, women’s singles, and team relay which is now an Olympic discipline.

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