Bobsleigh, which is also called bobsled, is a type of winter sport. It involves teams making timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, ice tracks in a gravity-power sled.

The tracks used are made of concrete and coated ice. The tracks should have at least one straight section and one labyrinth. A labyrinth is three turns with quick succession without a straight section. The most famous turn in bobsleigh is the Petersen turn, it has a 180 degree turn and 270 degree bank angle. It is a required feature in the Winter Olympics.

The sleighs used in the competition must be around 12.5 feet long. The maximum weight should be 630 kg, 290 kg, or 340 kg, which includes the crew. A bobsleigh crew can have two or four people. It should have a pilot and a brakeman, for a 4-person crew, it can have two pushers. The participants are selected based ion strength and speed. The participants are required to push the sleigh at the start of the race.

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