Hydration for Athletes

Hydration is a very important area of the dietary needs of anyone undertaking any exercise activities. It is important to get enough fluids before competition and training, but also it is important to re-hydrate after exercise to replace the fluid losses from exercise and to aid recovery.

Are You getting Enough?

How do you know if you are drinking enough? You should be aware of when you are dehydrated. Feeling thirsty is not a good indicator. See this article on Methods for measuring hydration, which includes a link to this urine color test, a simple method to determine your hydration status by monitoring your urine color. See also the more scientific method to measure urine specific gravity using a refractometer, and other ways of testing sweat and hydration levels.

What to Drink, How Much and When

Here are some additional articles on the topic of hydration in sports.

Sport Specific Hydration Empty Swimming Pool

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