Demonstration Sports at the Olympic Games

Up until recently, most Olympic Games have had a variety of demonstration sports held as part of the Games, held at the same time as official sports but not eligible for medals. Some of the demonstration sports have later gone on to become official parts of of the sporting program, such as Baseball and Synchronized Swimming.

Demonstration sports were not "officially" introduced until 1912, though before then some sports competitions were held simultaneously to the games, and today are considered "unofficial" or demonstration sports as well.

Originally, demonstration sports and events were included to showcase sports or events which were unique to the country hosting the Games, but recently they were often used as a stepping stone in the application for consideration as a future Olympic medal sport. In 1989, the IOC voted to disallow unofficial demonstration events at Olympics, starting with the 1996 Games.

stopwatchThese days, specific rules that must be foll owed in order for a sport to be accepted as part of the official program. That means unfortunately for some, fortunately for others, many of the sports described on this website will never be seen again.

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