Sporting Highlights for 1918

Here are some of the sporting highlights in the world of sport for 1918. It was another lost year in terms of sports with most of the sporting events being cancelled due to the ongoing world war, including Wimbledon, the Australian Open Tennis and the British Golf Open, the US golf open, and the USPGA . The annual Tour de France race was cancelled for the fourth straight year.

In tennis, the Australian Open and the Wimbledon were both cancelled. The French Open which was open only for players from France was also cancelled for the fourth straight year. The only tennis event that was unaffected through the entire world was days was the US Open.

The men's US Open was won by Robert Lindley Murray, which was his repeat at the event and his second grand slam title. In the women's event, Molla Bjurstedt Mallory emerged as the winner for the fourth straight year. When Molla retired, she had eight total grand slam titles, all of them coming from the US Open, a record number of wins at the event which to this date has not been matched or surpassed by any other player.

Of the three major golf tournaments, only The Open Championship was cancelled due to the world war. The US Open and the PGA Championship, both of which are conducted in the United States, were unaffected, and was won by Walter Hagen and Jim Barnes respectively.

Below is a timeline of some significant results in the world of sport for the year 1918.

Date Results
June 17 – 22 Tennis US National Championship (women's) won by Molla Bjurstedt
Aug 26 – Sept 3 Tennis US National Championship (men's) won by Lindley Murray
Sept 5-11 The Baseball World Series won by Boston Red Sox

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