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In the quest to find the world's most popular sports, I have used the power of Yahoo to find the most commonly searched for sports teams. These figures are from 2006. Search traffic analysis has also been used to determine the world's most popular sports.

Top-10 Sports Team Searches

The leading world sports team in terms of searches online for 2006 was the New York Yankees. The list is mostly made up of US based teams, with only the top three soccer teams from Europe making it into the list.

rank Sport Team Sport
1 New York Yankees Baseball
2 Dallas Cowboys American Football
3 Pittsburgh Steelers American Football
4 Boston Red Sox Baseball
5 Manchester United Soccer / Football
6 Arsenal FC Soccer / Football
7 Detroit Tigers Baseball
8 Chicago Bears American Football
9 Real Madrid Soccer / Football
10 St. Louis Cardinals American Football



The results are biased to American sports due to the higher number uses of Yahoo search engine from North Amercia.

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