Most Popular Sports in the United States

There are regional differences in the popularity of sports, the sports that are popular in the US can be very different to elsewhere around the world. Here is a discussion and lists of the most popular sports in the US. See more lists of top sports by country.

Most Popular Searches

One measure of popularity is the number of times a sport is searched for online. Using data from the most popular search engine Google, we have created a list of the recent top Google searches for the last three months in the category "sports" in the USA. This includes sport names as well as other sporting terms, so does not reflect the most popular sports. There is also an analysis of the most popular Winter Olympic sports in the USA.

Another list, using only sport name searches over a four year period, has found the most popular sport term in the US based on search volume is 'football', but unlike like most of the world when people are searching for this term in the US they are more than likely to be looking for information about American Football (gridiron).

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