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Motocross is the World's Most Demanding Sport

Motocross has been named as the World's Most Demanding Sport, according to a list of the top-10 most demanding sports, as voted for on the website Motocross is top of the list (when this list was last updated in 2020, though this order may change over time as the voting is ongoing). In a similar poll by ESPN, to top Most Demanding Sport was boxing, and surprisingly motocross was not even listed (much to many commenters' chagrin). There is plenty of research to suggest that motocross is justly labelled as a very demanding sport.

The votes here are based on what sports the site visitors think are the most demanding - whatever that may mean. There are other lists of top demanding sports, see our index to other top 10 lists of the world's most demanding sports.

The Top-Ten's Most Demanding Sports

  1. Motocross
  2. Swimming
  3. Rugby
  4. Soccer / Football
  5. Skateboarding
  6. Skiing
  7. Weightlifting
  8. Wakeboarding
  9. Icehockey
  10. Dance



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