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Bo Jackson Confirmed as the GOAT

ESPN Sport Science held a hypothetical head-to-head battle between the world's greatest athletes in order to find the greatest of the greatest. To confirm their results, they subsequently had a poll for people to select the greatest from the full list of winners from each sport. In conclusion, the world's greatest 'athlete' is confirmed as Bo Jackson.

The team at ESPN Sport Science asked the question: "Who should have won the Sport Science Greatest Athlete of All Time bracket?" After 182,270 votes, Bo Jackson is clearly the winner. In the original competition, second placed Michael Jordan was beaten by Bo in the semi-final. Surprisingly, the other grand finalist was Jackie Robinson, who is only 11th on this list.

rank votes (%) athlete
1 35.5 Bo Jackson
2 25.6 Michael Jordan
3 5.7 Wayne Gretzky
4 5.3 Muhammad Ali
5 4.9 Anderson Silva
6 4.2 Roger Federer
7 4.1 Jim Brown
8 3.1 Michael Phelps
9 2.5 Tiger Woods
10 2.4 Pele
11 2 Jackie Robinson
12 1.5 Carl Lewis
13 1.2 Mark Allen
14 0.9 Willie Mays
15 0.7 Dale Earnhardt Sr.
16 0.3 Tony Hawk

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