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This Polynesian state is composed of 177 islands with a total surface area of only 290 square miles that are scattered all around its 270, 000 square miles territory in the Pacific Ocean. Much like their neighbors Samoa and Fiji, Tonga has had its fair share of European colonizers. Known as the Friendly Islands, because of Captain James Cook's experience when he visited the islands in 1773, Tonga is also very passionate about sports. And when you talk sports in Tonga, you talk about Rugby.

Rugby union is the Tongan national sport. Their national team, known as the ╩╗Ikale Tahi (Sea Eagles), has been making waves in the international stage. Compared to well-funded and larger countries, Tonga is doing quite well. Their smaller population base has produced many remarkable young players who are either migrated or poached by other countries like New Zealand, England, and Australia in dreams of better compensation.

With all things considered, Tonga is doing very well in the Rugby union world. Tonga has been in the Rugby World Cup since 1987. Much like most of the Rugby union teams, Tonga performs their Sipi Tau (the Ikale Tahi war dance) before every game. Other popular sports in Tonga includes American football, boxing, Australian rules football, cricket, and luge.

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