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Tanzania is located in the East African region in the area known as the African Great Lakes. Tanzania is known for the Kilimajaro Mountain, the highest peak in all of Africa.

As with most of Africa, Tanzania is known for their runners. Suleiman Nyambui and Filbert Bayi, two of the biggest names in Tanzanian Track and Field, both won Olympic medals for the country in 1980. Tanzania is also a powerhouse in the Commonwealth Games and the African Championships in Athletics.

Football is another sport that enjoys a large fan base in the country. It is very popular among the youth, this despite the fact that their national team has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup and was less than stellar in their single appearance in the 1980 African Cup of Nations.

Basketball is also quite popular but is played mostly in schools and in the army. Hasheem Thabeet, who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the US National Basketball Association, is the first Tanzanian-born player to join the NBA. Cricket's popularity is also growing fast mainly after they hosted the 2008 ICC Cricket League division 4. Rugby is also slowly growing in Tanzania and used to be a part of the East Africa team. The home of Rugby in Tanzania, Arusha, also was the staging place for the 2007 Castel Beer Trophy competition.

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