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Sierra Leone is a West African country that has been plagued with many civil wars which had cause a lot of problems for the people. But this has not dampened their love of sports. It is one of a few things that can bring people together and compete in a friendly manner and no sport is as popular in Sierra Leone as football.

The Sierra Leone national football team, more popularly referred to as the Leone Stars, has represented the nation in various international competitions like the African Nations Cup and reached the finals in 1996. But due to civil war, they have not competed as often as they would like.

Basketball, cricket, and baseball are also increasing in popularity as well as athletics. Boxing is also quite popular to some and is a great way for most to vent off some of the tensions in this very unstable state.

But there are a lot of Sierra Leoneans who have made it big abroad and one of them is Madieu Williams who plays NFL in teh USA as a starting safety for the Minnesota Vikings.

The civil war has also caused them a lot of problems when it comes to their Olympic dreams. Sierra Leone started to participate in 1968 and skipped the 1972 and 1976 Games. But because of lack of funding due to the civil war, they are unable to participate in most international competitions.

Orphan children in Sierra Leone receiving soccer ballsOrphan children in Sierra Leone receiving soccer balls

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