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Sport in Palestine

Traditional sports in Palestine, under the Turkish influence, were horse racing, running, wrestling and swimming. These games generally became a stepping stone in the path of modern day Palestinian sports. It was only under the British rule that the sports played were modernized and football gained popularity over time.

street football in Palestinestreet football in Palestine

Football is described as the national sport of Palestine, and is the most popular sport. The Palestine National Football Team was not recognized by FIFA until 1998. Their biggest win was 11-0 over Guam in 2006. In 2024 the reached the knockout rounds of the Asian Cup for the first time, eventually losing narrowly to Qatar. In 2018 Palestine achieved their best-ever FIFA ranking of 73rd. They have never participated in the FIFA World Cup finals.

The Palestine Marathon began in 2013 and is held on takes place on the streets of Bethlehem, Palestine. The marathon was created to highlight restrictions in Palestinian freedom of movement, especially for Palestinian women.

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Unfortunately, many of the sporting facilities in Palestine and been damaged or destroyed in the conflict with Israel.

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