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Dhow racing, horse racing, falconry, camel racing, and the most popular traditional sport in Oman, bull butting, are until now is played and preserved. Al batena area is prominent for bull butting events. The game is not as violent as it seems. It only involves two bulls and they engage in a forceful barrage of headbutts where the bull who remains standing in the winner. Usually, the game only takes minutes but still attracts a lot of people.

Adapting the most prominent sport in the world today, football is now played in Oman. The Oman Football Association administers the national football team, the Red Warriors, as well as the Omani League. The Omani national football team won the 2009 Gulf Cup of Nations with Ali Al-Habsi, the most famous football athlete in Oman, captains the national team. He has represented the country in 92 matches since 2002.

The government of Oman aims to provide children activities and experiences in sports, furthermore help them excel in intellectual and social spheres. It is why the government holds different tournaments mostly joined by the young ones, Tennis Tournaments as one, which is held annually for different age divisions. Oman also has a 50-meter swimming pool used for international tournaments from different schools of every country. Another sporting event held is The Tour of Oman, a professional 6-day cycling race.

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