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Nigeria has a rich culture, and sports have contributed a lot to these customs, starting off with the traditional sport of Nigeria which is called Dambe Boxing, a Hausa Martial Sports held on festivals. In the early days, Dambe Boxing means practicing military skills, yet the game is now only played as a means of achieving personal prestige, demonstrating masculinity, and bringing honor to one’s family and village.

1973 All Africa Games (image from Wikipedia Commons) 1973 All Africa Game in Laos Nigeria

In Nigeria, along with many other countries where Football is a popular sport, the country was able to be successful at the sport. Super Eagles, its national team, competes regularly for international titles and has made its mark in global sports competitions when regarded as one of the best teams in Africa and was ranked 10th in the world.

Rashidi Yekini was the most notable striker in Nigeria for he played more than two decades. He was also the top scorer in his time.

Nigeria may lack on sports achievements but never in festivities and events held annually that many Nigerians get excited about. Some of these are Argungu Fishing Festival which was first held in 1934, and the goal of the competition is to catch the largest fish. The Abuja International Motor Fair is an event that showcases the latest in the car and truck worlds.

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