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Sport in Nicaragua

“The game is part of the air people breathe;” – Toronto Star

Sports in Nicaragua had a great share in the country’s success in history. Boxing became popular after the victory of Alexis Arguello. By the stage name “El Flaco Explosivo, he won three world championships and was regarded as one of the greatest fighters of his era. Nicaragua has a love affair with boxing, the most popular sport in the country, and they now embrace it as their national sport.

Though the country lacks on equipment, the Nicaragua Professional Baseball League and their national team has been successful throughout the 1970s. Today, Vicente de La Cruz Padilla is very renowned in this sport. He pitched for Nicaragua in the 1998 Baseball World Cup and helped the team in winning the bronze. The team also finished second in the Central American Games.

Another growing in popularity sports in Nicaragua are those involving the wide deep blue sea. The country’s long coastline provides ideal stages for different water sports that many Nicaraguans are taking interest of.

Olimpipitos is the special Olympics held in Nicaragua. It is a biennial sporting event that incorporates a number of sports. The government aims to help their young boys and girls to improve their self-esteem and personality. The event mainly helps the children to integrate into the community.

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