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Sport in Mongolia

Mongolians do not partake in a large range of sports, but those sports that they do compete in, they do so passionately. Popular sporting competitions are held in the three "manly sports" of horse racing, archery and wrestling, held around the time of their main national festival of Naadam.

The most popular sport in Mongolia is horse racing. There’s no country out there to match their undying love of horses. Traditionally the horse is one of their common methods of transportation, and racing them comes naturally and has been done for centuries. Their horse races are held over long stretches of open country, not the short racing around a track as practiced in the West. Their most famous race is the grueling Mongolian Derby. This race is considered the World's toughest horse race, and covers 1,000 kilometres across Mongolia on semi-wild horses, recreating Genghis Khan's ancient postal system.

boys racing horses in Mongolia boys racing horses in Mongolia

Archery and wrestling are two other sports also quite popular in Mongolia. Archery in the country was started around 11th century. Wrestling is also popular and you will find wrestling competitions everywhere.

Under the influence of western culture, Mongolians are starting to play football, basketball, ice hockey and many other sports. It is not uncommon to see the young people in Mongolia starting to play these sports. Swimming and skiing are also popular especially for tourists.

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