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The East Asian Games

The East Asian Game is a small multi-sport even by the East Asian Games Association (EAGA). This event is held every four years.  Territories of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and Guam are a member of the Oceania National Olympics.

The first-ever East Asian Game was held in 1993 and East Asian athletes and countries join the game. Only the members of the EAGA can participate. Mostly are from the north of Asia. There are games for other specific zones on the continent. These regional games of the Olympic Council of Asia, apart from EAG, include the Central Asian Games, South Asian Games, South East Asian Games and West Asian Games.

Kazakhstan used to be a part of the East Asian Games Association but they moved and became a member of the European Olympic Committee.

The current members of the EAGA are China, Japan, North Korea, Guam, Macau, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mongolia and Chinese Taipei.

The first games were in 1993, held in Shanghai, China. China won 105 gold medals while Japan came in second and won 25 gold medals and South Korea with 23 gold medals. 1,283 athletes participated in 12 sports during the first game. Over the past years, China dominated the entire East Asian Games

Here is the list of games in the East Asian Games

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