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Moldova is one of those landlocked countries in Eastern Europe that has had a tumultuous past but has fought so hard to earn their independence. They earned theirs in 1991 when the Soviet Union was dissolved and that was the start of a lot of things for the people of Moldova. They started to appreciate many things and one of their greatest passions is sports.

Their traditional sport is Trânta, a form of upright wrestling. But in their more recent past, the people of Moldova have come to love football. They became a member of FIFA just a few short years after gaining independence. Their national team has had quite a bit of success internationally beating more established teams like Austria, Belarus and Hungary.

Rugby union is also quite popular in this small country as well as basketball and cycling. Moldova has a good run going for them in basketball making quite an impact at the FIBA European Championship for Small Countries taking home the silver in two separate occasions, 2008 and 2012. In cycling, Moldova's prestigious Moldova President's Cup draws cyclist from all around the region. Moldova is also getting quite recognition in the Olympics for its Cross-country skiers, Alpine skiers and even biathletes.

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