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Madagascar is located in the near Southeast Africa in the Indian Ocean. The Madagascar Island, which is the fourth largest island in the world, is surrounded by many smaller islands that comprises of the Madagascar territory. Madagascar is known for their wildlife but they’re not just about lemurs and chameleons.

Traditionally, sports have brought the country together in many ways through various friendly matches of their traditional martial arts Moraingy which is still a popular spectator sport until today. But as modern sports go, Madagascar has come to appreciate western sports, two in particular. Football and Rugby union both enjoy a large following in Madagascar. Athletics, basketball, tennis, boxing and judo are also quite popular among the men and women of the country.

boat race in Madagascarpirogue racing in Madagascar

The national football team of Madagascar, the Barea, has not had that much success in the international stage. They are yet to qualify for either the FIFA World Cup of the African Nations Cup but they have had some level of success in other competitions like the COSAFA Cup and Indian Ocean Games. Some of their very best has come to play for various European teams. They are however, set to host the Indian Ocean Games in 2023.

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