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The Kingdom of Lesotho is a landlocked country of about 30,000 sq km with a population of about 2 million people. And in this country in the South African region, football is the top sport. It is the most widely played game in the country and many of Lesotho's top footballers have moved on to play professionally in South Africa like Bushi Moletsane and Kopano Tseka.

High-contact sports such as boxing and judo are also very popular. These sports are quite widely practiced in part because of the popularity and the number of facilities that allows players to sharpen their skills including the ones provided by the country's police force. Cricket is also quite popular but their national team has not been making waves in international competitions like the ICC World Cricket League.

Long distance running and even horse racing are also a popular in the country side both as a sport and as an important part of the social life in the country. When it comes to international competitions, Lesotho has competed in the Commonwealth Games since 1974 missing only the 1982 Brisbane Games. They have also sent athletes to the Summer Olympic Games since 1972, missing only the 1976 Games along with various African nations. Lesotho has never competed in the Winter Olympic Games.

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