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The Republic of Guatemala is a Central American country that is bordered by Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador and just like most of Central America, football is the most popular sport. The sport is governed by the Federacion Nacional de Futbol de Guatemala.

Guatemala have also hosted the Central American Games in 1950 as well as the Caribbean Games which was organized in 1924.

Guatemala also send athletes to the Pan American Games and to the Olympic Summer Games since 1952 but then missed the next three Summer Games. They then joined the 1968 Games and have been competing ever since. Guatemala is also one of the few tropical country that have participated in the Winter Olympic Games (1988).

Erick Barrondo won Guatemala's very first Olympic medal when he took the silver in the men's 20km walk for his 1:18:57 losing to Chen Ding of China by only 11 seconds at the 2012 Summer Games held in London. Other Guatemalans who have made an impact in sports includes Ten Hendricks (NFL player) and Carlos "El Pescadito" Ruis who is Major League Soccer player and a former MVP (Most Valuable Player)

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