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Eritrea is another rather small country located in the Horn of Africa. However, the size of the country is no reflection of how big their love for the sports of football and cycling.

When the Eritreans  were colonized by Italy, they got exposed to cycling which led Eritrea to its way in being the top cycling nation in the whole of Africa. The Asmara-Keren race is considered as the toughest the country has and the top cyclists in this race will go on and represent the country in international races like the Tour de France as well as the Giro d'Italia.

Cyclists like Natnael Berhane was the first Eritrean cyclist in the Tour de France where he earned him the 'African Sportsman of the Year” title in 2013. Daniel Teklehaimanot on the other hand is the first Eritrean to join the Vuelta a Espana (2012). Volleyball is also increasing in popularity especially among the younger generation.

Eritrea made its first Olympic appearance in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and have been sending athletes to the Summer Games ever since. Zersenay Tadese won the bronze in the men's 10,000 meters and is the only Olympic medalist from the country to date.

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