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El Salvador literally means “The Savior” and it appears to be exactly that for a lot of people. It is the smallest and also the most densely populated country in all of Central America. As with most of the Americas, football rules the sports world of the El Salvadorians. El Salvadorians also love playing basketball and boxing.

The El Salvador national football team had qualified for the 1970 and 1982 FIFA World Cup. Their qualification for the 1970 tournament was quite interesting due to what was referred to as the “Football War” that they had with Honduras who they took down. Their most well-known players include Jorge “El Magico” Gonzalez who is not just known in El Salvador but is referred to as one of the best players in Central American football history. Jaie “La Chelona” Rodriguez was Gonzalez' partner in leading the national team's run for the 1982 World Cup run.

El Salvador has been sending athletes to the Summer Olympic Games since 1968 which was held in Mexico City. They skipped the 1976 and 1980 Games held in Montreal and Moscow respectively. They then have joined the following Olympic Games.  All in all, 118 El Salvadorians have competed in the Olympic Games but is yet to take home an Olympic medal.

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