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The Central American and Caribbean Games

Formerly known as the CAC or the Central American Games, the Central American and Caribbean Games (CACGs) were first held in October 1926 in Mexico, and are the oldest continuing regional games. The event is held every four years, in the middle year between the Summer Olympics. The event name was changed from CAC to CACGs to represent growing involvement of other countries, not just from Central America.

The participating countries in this multi-sport regional championship event include nations from Central America, The Caribbean, Mexico and Bermuda and Surinam, Colombia, Venezuela and Guyana (all from South America). These countries must be entered by their National Olympic Committee.

The first countries to participate at the CACGS were Cuba, Guatemala and Mexico. A total of 31 countries participated in the 1993 games in Puerto Rico and 1998 games in Venezuela.  In Puerto Rico, 31 sports were included like Equestrian Jumping, Dressage and Eventing with a total of 5,000 athletes.

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