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Colombia is a typical South American country when it comes to sports. Their national sport is called Tejo which is basically a team sport that includes launching projectiles to a target but they have a lot of love for football.

social tennis matches in Colombiasocial tennis matches in Colombia

In the 2001 Copa América tournament, Colombia set a record of not just being undefeated but not conceding any goal and winning each and every match.

Roller skates are also quite big in Colombia and their national team is the team to beat in the World Roller Speed Skating Championships. Baseball is another game where Colombians are known for with names like Edgar Renteria and Orlando Renteria. Their amateur team was the world champions in 1947 and 1965.

Colombians are also quite good at boxing, shooting sports, taekwondo, baseball, wrestling, cycyling, bowling, judo, athletics, weightlifting as well as motorsports.

One of their biggest name in motorsport is Juan Pablo Montoya who won 7 Formula One races.

Baseball is the most played sport in the Atlantic coast, specially in Cartagena and Barranquilla where a professional league is played annually. There have also been some Colombian players in the MLB.

As far as the Olympics are concerned, Colombia have been sending athletes since 1932, missing only the 1952 Summer Games. They also have joined the Winter Olympic Games in 2010 which is quite unique considering that Colombia is a tropical country. The first gold won by Colombia was by Maria Isabel Urrutia in weightlifting (75 kg) at Sydney 2000. In the 2016 Rio Games, they had their best performance ever with 3 gold medals.

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