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Algeria is one of the most significant countries in Africa and one that has won various championships and Olympic medals. It's most popular, and in fact its national sport, is football or soccer. But other popular sports in Algeria are handball, martial arts, boxing, basketball, volleyball and athletics.

Algerians do love sports but women are still not allowed on certain sports. Algeria's football scene is consists of various football clubs that conducts and organizes national and international matches. The Algerian Football Federation organized conferences and meetings of the Algerian football championship known as the Algerian Cup which includes 16 professional league clubs. Notable Algerian football players include Rachid Mekhloufi, Lakhdar Belloumi, Rabah Madjer, Hassen Lalmas, Djamel Zidane and Salah Assad.

Algeria has also won various international titles in sports like martial arts like judo that includes Amar Benikhlef and Ali Idir for men and Salima Souakri and Soraya Haddad for women. Boxing is also where Algeria had a lot of Olympic notoriety like Hocine Soltani, the Atlanta Olympic champion (1996) as well as Mohamed Benguesmia and Loucif Hamani.

Camel race in Algeria Camel race in Algeria

When it comes to hosting international sporting events, Algeria was the chosen venue for World Military Cup (1960), Mediterranean Games (1975), All-African Games (1978), African Cup of Nations (1990), Pan Arab Games (2004), Boys Youth Volleyball World Championship (2005), and the All-Africa Games (2007).

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