Delhi University Sports Quota

There are limited places in Delhi University's undergraduate courses for sports athletes. The sports quota is the best means of entry for those who do not have high enough marks for regular entry to the university, though the university only allocates 5% of the total intake for students entry via the sports quota.


Those wishing to apply through the sports quota are required to first register. After registration, everyone participates in a general fitness test. Only those who pass this fitness test can participate in the sport-specific trials. Results of this fitness test do not count to the entry requirements, they are just required to qualify for the subsequent tests.

For the fitness test, participants must pass two of these three components, except for the athletes from archery, chess and shooting, which are only required to pass one.

The fitness test involves:

Once the fitness test has been passed, the participants must undertake the sport specific trial test, which measures competency in their chosen sport. This test includes a game performance test, skill test , game specific fitness, and assessment of fundamentals of the game.

Final selection is based on performance in the sports trials as well as sports participation certificates (international, national, state, zonal and school certificates). The sports trials and certificates are worth 50% each towards the final mark.

Students who have represented the country in international games they are exempt from the trials and are given direct admission.


note: these details were correct as in 2016. Please consult official sources for up to date admission requirements.

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