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World Best VO2max Scores

The maximum rate of Oxygen (O2) consumption by the body during exercise, commonly written as VO2max, is the criterion measure of aerobic endurance fitness. You can read details of the procedures for conducting a VO2max Fitness Test. The measurement can be given in the units liters of O2 per min (l.min-1) or divided by body weight to get a score relative to a person's body weight (

VO2max cycle testVO2max cycling test

Expected Scores

Wikipedia lists VO2max levels for the average young untrained male of about 3.5 liters per minute or 45 In comparison, world class male endurance athletes in sports such as cycling and cross-country skiing typically achieved scores in excess of 80, and occasionally a few may exceed 90 The average young untrained female will score about 2.0 liters/minute or 38 compared to world class female endurance athletes which a few may exceed 70 See also some VO2max results for athletes for specific examples for a range of sports.

World Bests

Below is a list of VO2max scores (in the units per body weight: that have been recorded for a variety of athletes in a range of sports. Not all the values have been verified, and the accuracy of these values may vary, as the scores achieved depend on the quality of the equipment used, the calibration of the equipment, and the testing protocols used. However, these values still provide an interesting list for comparison and discussion.

Having a high VO2max does not necessarily mean that you will be successful. Although all the athletes listed below have been successful in their chosen sports, there have also been others equally successful who have not recorded such high VO2max scores. There are obviously other factors to consider for success in aerobic based sports.

Top VO2max Scores (Males)

These are some of the top male VO2max scores ever recorded (in

score name sport notes
97.5 Oskar Svendsen Cycling 18 year old from Lillehammer, Norway. The test was conducted in Sept 2012 at the University College of Lillehammer by physiologist Joar Hansen. (from an article on procycling)
96.0 Espen Harald Bjerke Norwegian cross country skier This score was achieved in 2005 (7.3 liter/min, 76 kg body weight), listed in an article on
96.0 Bjørn Dæhlie Norwegian cross country skier This score is commonly quoted, though another source has him recording a best of 90 ml/kg/min.
93.9 Brett Aitken Track Cycling Australian Olympic track cyclist. From testing done at the South Australian Institute of Sport in 1991. (see comment below)
93.0 Kurt Asle Arvesen  Road Cycling a Norwegian professional road bicycle racer for Team Sky. Figure taken from an article published on, said to be from 1997 (link no longer available).
92.5 Greg LeMond cycling US professional cyclist
92.0 Kilian Jornet Ultr-endurance runner There are many online references to a score of 92, though his website lists his VO2max of 85-90. He scored 89.5 from a test in 2012 by Daniel Brotons Cuixart, a sports specialist at the University of Barcelona.
92.0 Matt Carpenter runner Pikes Peak marathon course record holder
92.0 Tore Ruud Hofstad Norwegian cross country skier achieved in 2005
91.0 Gunde Svan Swedish XC-skier won a total of 4x gold, 1x silver and 1x bronze medals at the Winter Olympics.
91.0 Harri Kirvesniem Finnish cross country skier  
88.0 Miguel Indurain cycling professional cyclist
88.0 Anders Aukland cross country skier achieved 2005, listed in an article on
87.4 Marius Bakken runner Norwegian 5k record holder
87.0 Jon Anders Gaustad cross country skier achieved 2005, listed in an article on
86.6 Mark Tarnopolsky Ski-orienteering / winter triathlon Canadian athlete. Result from lab testing at McMaster University Kinesiology
86.4 Edvad Boasson Hagen road cyclist from Norway and Team Columbia-HTC. Figure taken from article on, said to be from 2008 (link no longer available).
86.0 Thor Hushovd cycling listed in an article on
86.0 Ole Einar Bjœrndalen biathlon listed in an article on
85.0 Thibaut Pinot cyclist French professional road cyclist, competed from 2010 to 2023. Published his own test results.
85.0 Dave Bedford runner 10k world record holder
85.0 John Ngugi distance runner World XC Champion
84.6 Chris Fromme cyclist from a test at the GlaxoSmithKline Human Performance lab in London in August 2015. His weight on the testing day was 69.9kg.
84.4 Steve Prefontaine runner from the US
84.0 Lance Armstrong cycling professional cyclist
83.5 Mark Walters cycling a pro-cyclist, former Navigators team member, won Philadelphia. This score was from the peak of his career. (personal communication, heard first hand from Mark himself)
83.0 Jens Arne Svartedal cross country skier achieved 2005, listed in an article on
82.7 Gary Tuttle US runner  
82.0 Kip Keino runner Olympic 1500 champion
81.1 Craig Virgin distance runner twice World cross country champ
81.0 Jim Ryun runner US miler WR holder
80.9 Øyvind Leonhardsen Norwegian professional soccer player listed in an article on
80.1 Steve Scott runner US miler 3:47

Top VO2max Scores (Females)

These are just a few VO2max scores (in that have been found for females. Most likely many there are more scores that can be added to this list. As with the above male top score list, not all these values have been verified, and the accuracy of these values may vary.

score name sport notes
78.6 Joan Benoit distance running 1984 Olympic Marathon Champion
76.6 Bente Skari XC-skier  
76.0 Flavia Oliveira Cycling Oliveira is a Brazilian National Team road cyclist and climbing specialist. This result was recorded during testing with Felicia Gomez at Pinnacle Training Systems in Fresno, California on Jan 21, 2012. (with thanks to Nathan Parks, Jan 2012)
74 Charlotte Kalla XC-skier achieved at only 2O years of age
72 Marit Bjoergen XC-skier  
72 Toini Rönnlund XC-skier achieved in the sixties sometime.
71.2 Ingrid Kristiansen distance running ex-Marathon World Record Holder
67.2 Rosa Mota distance running Marathon runner. 1984 Olympic Marathon Bronze - 1988 Olympic Marathon Champion

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