Pneumatic Grip Strength Dynamometer

The Baseline squeeze (bulb) dynamometer is a simple device for measuring grip strength measuring changes in air pressure. A sphygmomanometer, commonly used for measuring blood pressure, can also be used. See more about grip dynamometers.

Pneumatic Grip Strength Dynamometer


Sphygmomanometer Method

A method using a sphygmomanometer has been used in the past if no specific hand grip dynamometer is available. The Lansbury method, consisted of a sphygmomanometer cuff folded twice and inflated to 20 mmHg. Hamilton et al. (1992) used the method of rolling the sphygmomanometer cuff evenly, forming a circumference of approximately 7 inches to conform with a normal functional hand position for grip. A rubber band is placed around each end of the cuff to hold it in position. The cuff is then inflated to 20 mmHg, which was the starting position for measurement. The sphygmomanometer measurement scale is mmHg.

A study by Hamilton et al. (1992) showed that a sphygmomanometer demonstrated good within-instrument reliability, and was valid for measuring grip strength when using a conversion formula that was developed.


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