Goniometer for Flexibility Measurements

A goniometer is a tool used to measure the range of motion of various joints around the body. It is a useful tool for measuring the flexibility of a joint, and is commonly used by physiotherapists, physicians, physical therapists, physiologists, athletic trainers, chiropractors and sport scientists. Read more about the technique of using a Goniometer.

Below are descriptions of a few goniometers that are available online, some of them can be purchased through this site.

goniometer for testing flexibilityGoniometer Set

There are three goniometers in this set: 12 inch, 8 inch and 6 inch. See more

goniometer for testing flexibilitySteel Goniometer

This stainless steel goniometer is a tool used to measure angles. See more

goniometer for testing flexibilityLarge Goniometer

This lightweight plastic goniometer is perfect for professionals and students.

finger goniometer for testing flexibilityFinger Goniometer


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