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Running Speed Footpods

There are several new running speed sensors that clip into your shoelaces, and appear to measure running speed accurately. These devices are not pedometers, which measure running distance from the number of steps taken. These devices use inertial sensor technology (accelerometers) to measure running speed. Foot Pods, all using similar technology, are currently produced by Polar, Suunto, Garmin and Nike.

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Foot Pods can determine running speed by measuring both vertical and horizontal acceleration of the foot. The inertial sensors measure the acceleration of the foot pod more than 1000 times per second, and with specific algorithms is able to calculate foot angles and gait velocity. The footpod measures the accelerations throughout each stride, then computes foot angles, and determines the resultant acceleration in the direction of travel. These data is integrated for each stride and this information is provided wirelessly to the runner through the associated watch.

After calibration, Polar states that the accuracy increases from 97% to 99%, which is very impressive.

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