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Most sports that are played around the world are not exclusive to any gender. Women participate in a wide range of sports around the world, in women's events, women's sports leagues and in mixed competitions. However, there are some sports that are traditionally for women only, and are still predominantly played by women.

a Camogie team from 1915a Camogie team from 1915

Here are some of the sports that are considered female sports, and it is predominantly played by females, but for all of these there are still examples of men who play the sport.

Netball: This fast-paced team sport has similarities to basketball. It is a sport traditionally played by women, and still is, but nowadays there are males who do play it at all levels. There are professional leagues and international competitions exclusively for female players.

Synchronized Swimming: Synchronized swimming is an Olympic sport that combines elements of swimming, dance, and gymnastics. It is performed in synchronized teams or duets and is a female-dominated Olympic discipline.

Softball: Softball is a variant of baseball played with a larger ball on a smaller field. While both men's and women's softball exist, women's softball has a distinct identity, and there are international competitions and college leagues exclusively for women.

Camogie is an Irish contact sport that is played by women, derived from the men's sport of Hurling.

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of ballet, dance, and apparatus manipulation. It is performed exclusively by women, with routines choreographed to music using apparatus like ribbons, hoops, and balls.

Artistic Gymnastics: While both men and women participate in artistic gymnastics, each gender has its own set of apparatus and disciplines. Women's artistic gymnastics typically includes events like the balance beam, uneven bars, vault, and floor exercises.

There are other mostly female sports too, like Throwball, Ringette, Figure Skating, Newcomb Ball, and Tumbling.

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