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I wish to announce the proposal of an important initiative for the field of Science and Bowling, a new and exciting journal specifically for tenpin bowling. At the moment this is just a proposal, and it needs your support to get up and running. The Science of Tenpin Bowling will be an online journal and PDF newsletter/journal, dedicated to uncovering the truths and improving our understanding of the sport of tenpin bowling.

Why is it needed?

Elite tenpin bowling is a sport requiring complex motion to generate specific and alter axis rotation, axis tilt, revolutions, ball speed and loft distances. And, you might actually need a Master’s degree in physics to truly understand ball motion. So, let’s all agree, tenpin bowling is understudied and we need more information to promote bowling as a sport. Collectively, we can change this.

What will it include?

This newsletter/journal will be a place for original research on tenpin bowling and an important contribution to the sport. So, I need your help. You can be a contributor of original research. And, please help me in getting the word out about this initiative. Simply forward this e-mail to as many involved in studying tenpin bowling or involved in sport science with an interest in bowling. My goal is that this group would become a small but dedicated group of individuals focusing on improving the understanding of the science of bowling. Who knows …. Maybe one day we will have a World Congress on the Science of Bowling. If you are interested in serving as a reviewer please forward a bio to the contact below as well as a short statement on why you want to serve as an editorial reviewer. Original research, meta analysis, theory, etc. are welcome…. This is an initiative based on passion for facilitating a better understanding of our sport. To all of you who share the same passion, let’s start a knowledge revolution!

Call for Papers

The Science of Tenpin Bowling (TSTP)

Bowling remains a sport that is not studied. Most sports (swimming, track & field, golf, tennis) have a well established base of knowledge on biomechanics, nutrition, fitness, etc. Unfortunately, little is really known in tenpin bowling. The time is right for us to move forward. Most importantly, the credibility of bowling is suffering significantly. We need to move forward and promote a scholarship of bowling. Thus, I am facilitating this initiative.   
In the spirit of increasing the credibility of tenpin bowling, I have an overwhelming desire to help spread the knowledge of bowling
All sport science topics including:

Some Research Ideas

More Details
Joe Slowinski, ABD, M.Ed.
Director of Coaching & Coach Certification,
Unit Pembangunan Sukan Teras,
Prestasi Tinggi - Tenpin Bowling
National Sports Council of Malaysia, Komplex Sukan Negara, Bukit Jalil
P.O. Box 10440, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
e-mail Joe Slowinski at

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