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Tennis Terms

If you are new to the game of tennis, this list should help explain some of the tennis specific terms that you may come across.

Ad Court The advantage court is the left side of the court for each player
Advantage After the score has reached 40-all, the winner of the next point will have the advantage, requiring another point to win the game. If the player with advantage loses the next point, the score reverts to 40-all.
Alley The area of court bounded by the singles and doubles sidelines, used in doubles games.
Angle-game Style of play where the all is hot so as to force the opponent wide of the court
Backhand The tennis stroke in which the ball is struck on the opposite side of the body to the racket hand.
Ball The tennis ball is made rubber with a green/yellow fury coating
Ballboys Assistants whose job it is to collect the ball and return it to the serving player.
Baseline Two-inch wide mark at the rear of the court
Crosscourt A crosscourt shot is played diagonally across the court
Double Fault When a server faults twice in a row, and a point is lost.
Deuce A score of 40 all
Deuce court the right side of the court of each player
Drop Shot A volley in which the ball drops just over the net
Forecourt Area of court between the service line and the net
Footfault When a server places their foot over the service line in the process of serving the ball
Fault During a serve, when the ball does not land inside the service area on the full. The player loses a point after two consecutive faults.
Linesman Official who sits in a chair along lines of the court to call whether balls are in or out.
Lob A ball hit high in the air attempting to land behind the opposition player
Net The barrier that separates the two halves of the court.
Net cord judge Official who determines if the serve hits the net.
Rally A series of consecutive shots played by opponents before a winner
Serve Overhead shot to start each point
Stance Position of the body prior to playing a shot
Spin A method of stroke play which induces a pronounced rolling of the ball in the air either sideways, forwards or backwards depending on whether the racket face moves respectively across, over or under the ball.
Topspin A forwards rotation of the ball after a shot
Umpire Official who keeps score during the match
Underspin A backwards rotation of the ball after a shot
Winner A shot that beats an opponent

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