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Components of Fitness

When trying to interpret fitness testing results, it is important to have an idea of what are the relative importance of specific fitness components. To help in determining which components of fitness, such as speed, endurance, strength etc. are important for tennis, I made this rating survey, in which site visitors were asked to rate the different components of fitness on a scale of one (low) to five (high).

This poll is no longer online (results below), but there is a more comprehensive survey of the important factors of success in tennis, which you can add your opinions.

Apart from skill (which would be the most important ability), the relative importance of the physiological parameters listed in this table differ in their contributions to making a champion tennis player. Great speed and agility categorize the champion tennis players of today, while aerobic fitness is also very important. Have a look at what my readers thought.


The higher the rating, the more important people consider that component to achieving success in tennis. Agility was rated the highest, just above speed and anaerobic fitness. All these reflect the importance of speed around the court for successful tennis performance. See how this compares to the latest poll about the single most important fitness component for tennis.

Rating Table

component rating  
agility 4.1
speed 4.0
anaerobic fitness 3.9
aerobic fitness 3.8
power 3.8
strength 3.6
flexibility 3.5
body size and composition 3.2

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