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Softball in other Languages

The sport we know as softball is not necessarily called by the same name around the world. Here are the names for softball in many of the languages of the world. The names are taken from the Wikipedia page for softball in each of these languages. You will notice that many of the names appear to be phonetic spelling of softball in the other languages.

Name by Language

Language Name for the sport of softball
Afrikaans Sagtebal
Arabic كرة لينة
Asturian Sóftbol
Basque Sofbol
Belarusian Софтбол
Bulgarian Софтбол
Cantonese 壘球
Catalan Softbol
Chinese 壘球
Croatian Softball
Czech Softball
Danish Softball
Dutch Softbal
English Softball
Esperanto Softbalo
Estonian Pehmepall
Fijian Ravupolo
Finnish Softball
French Softball
German Softball
Greek Σόφτμπολ
Gujarati સોફ્ટબોલ
Hebrew סופטבול
Hungarian Softball
Icelandic Mjúkbolti
Indonesian Sofbol
Italian Softball
Japanese ソフトボール
Kannada ಸಾಫ್ಟ್ಬಾಲ್
Kazakh Софтбол
Korean 소프트볼
Latvian Softbols
Lithuanian Softbolas
Macedonian Софтбол
Malay Sofbol
Marathi सॉफ्टबॉल
Norwegian Softball
Persian سافت‌بال
Polish Softball
Portuguese Softbol
Romanian Softball
Russian Софтбол
Sanskrit मृदुकन्दुक-क्रीडा
Sardinian Softball
Serbian Софтбол
Serbo-Croatian Softbol
Slovak Softbal
Slovene Softball
Spanish Sóftbol
Swedish Softboll
Tamil மென்பந்தாட்டம்
Thai ซอฟต์บอล
Turkish Softbol
Ukrainian Софтбол
Urdu سافٹ بال
Vietnamese Bóng mềm

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