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Softball Bat: What Is The Right Bat For You?

You can see them all around the softball park, swinging their bats, hitting at imaginary targets and sometimes practicing at objects, improving their strength all the time. The force behind the swing of the batters can be tremendous. The truth is, it is not the strength behind the swing that only matters. It is also the kind of bat one uses.

How to pick the right bat?

The Length

To pick the correct bat length, the bat should be long enough to reach your wrist when you are standing straight with arms on your size. With the tip of the bat touching the ground to your wrist will very most likely the most comfortable bat length that you can pick.

The Weight

Every softball player has his own individual requirement especially when it comes to carrying out weights. The rule of the thumb when picking the correct bat weight is to try out the bat first. See if the player can swing the bat comfortably and control the swing with both hands without strain. The bat has to be the heaviest that the player can swing without loss of speed. If the bat does not fall into these categories, look for another one. It does not matter if the bat chosen is the most expensive and the most beautifully crafted with the most advanced material. If the player will be sacrificing these, the player will only be having a good top of the line, technically crafted bat. You can not say that for his swings.
Whatever the case, always take a bat that is light. Lighter bats can be swung faster and the resulting distance could be farther.

softball batWhat Is The Right Softball Bat For You?

Having said that, here are ways to pick legal bats

Advancement in technology has created bats where the softball bats can fit and be comfortably swung by players of all ages and built. Even the less technically proficient can today, swing the softball bat and hit the ball at speeds that can pose a serious problem with the pitcher and the infielders. Technically advanced bats can also ruin the game, as players would rely more and more on the more expensive multiple alloys instead of having fun and developing the skill. For these reasons, many softball organizations started banning specific bats and having guidelines for softball bat specifications. Some of these standards are:

The ideal softball bat in the hands of a good player translates to the game Americans love. To prepare for a good batting positions here are a few suggestions:

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