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Wallball is a wall based sport similar to that of squash in which a hi-bounce rubber ball has to be hit onto the wall after a single bounce. The sport originated in schools of San Francisco and New York, which later gained popularity and turned into a worldwide sport.

Though wallball can be played in singles and doubles format, the most popular form in which it is played is the elimination format.

In elimination format, a group of players line up and each take one turn to strike the ball and move back to the end of the line. The player who is unable to hit the ball back on to the wall in a single bounce is considered out. The objective is to eliminate all other players and be the last one standing. There are four types of game play, regular, teams, line-up, and random. The random format is the most exciting in which all players are spread around the court, and the balls will be randomly returned by any player. Players are eliminated based on who misses a shot.

Wall Ball International is the governing body of the sport which conducts several international tournaments and works on promoting the sport.


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