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Valencian Pilota

Valencian Pilota is a traditional sport from Spain particularly in Valencia. It is usually just played in the Valencian Community. It is considered a variation of Basque Pelota. There are no records as to where this sport originated, but some said it was derived from the medieval jeu de paume.

There are variations to the rules of the game, it depends on where it is played, but the common rule is the players must hit the ball with bare or minimally protected hands. The sport has two teams, with up to five players each; this sport can also be played one on one.

The teams play throwing each other the ball until one of the players cannot send it back to the opposing team. The players of this sport are either called pilotaris or pilotaires. This is played in a court separated by a line or a net. Valencian Pilota can either be played outdoors, in the streets, or indoors, in a trinquet.


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