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Mountain Unicycling (Muni)

Mountain unicycling, better known in its abbreviated form muni, is an adventure sport in which riders use unicycles to race through off-road mountain terrains. Muni is an extreme sport which requires extensive training and practice.

Muni races are not as fast as mountain biking races, but require higher skills, strength and balance. Specially designed unicycles are used, with high-grip pedals, large tires, and rugged frames. Some unicycles also have rim or disc brakes, with brake lever mounted under the saddle, which is mostly used during downhill rides.

Muni races are conducted on natural terrains, with several obstacles, similar to courses used for mountain biking races. Riders wear helmets, pads and all other protective gears typically used for mountain biking. There are three major codes of muni races, Cross-country, Uphill
and Downhill.

The format of races is similar to mountain biking races, where a group of riders simultaneously race around the course, and the winner is the rider to cross the finish line first.

Unicon Championships is the major international event held for the sport, which features several mountain unicycling races for all three codes. There are regional competitions like California Mountain Unicycle Weekend in the United States, British Muni Weekend in the UK, UniNats in Australia, and Elsbet in Switzerland.

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