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Slap Fighting

Slap Fighting involves two participants taking turns slapping each other with an open hand. The similar sport of slap boxing is closer to a boxing match in which the participants battle each other with open hands.

The objective of slap fighting is to slap your opponent hard, with the goal to get them knocked out or to concede. A coin toss determines which participant has the option to be the Striker or the Defender in each round. The defender may not block the slap, or flinch. There are a maximum of ten rounds. Competitors participate in weight classes.

face slap face slap

The sport first rose to prominence in Russia and Eastern Europe, but gained world-wide attention with the development of the power-slapping competition titled 'Power Slap League'.

Vasily 'The Dumpling' Kamotsky is considered the 'Muhammad Ali of Slap Fighting'.

This activity is not officially recognized as a sport, and is considered dangerous due to the potential for head injury from the slapping motion.

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