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Rope Jumping

Rope jumping or skipping is not only a playground activity and exercise, but also a competitive sport. Rope jumping usually involves a single person or more, jumping over a rope that is being swung. They make sure that they successfully let it pass under their feet and above their head while the rope is being swung.

Several techniques are used while jumping the rope, some of which are, Basic jump or easy jump, Speed step, Criss-cross, Side Swing, Front-back cross, Double under, Double Dutch, Toad, Leg Over, Awesome Annie, Inverse toad, Elephant, Frog/Donkey kick, Combination jumps, The James Hirst, Skier, Bell, Scissors, Jumping jack, and Can-can.

Rope jumping competitions are of different types. Based on the event organizers, one or more of the techniques has to be performed during competitions. In competitions the focus is on multiple aspects like stunts, gymnastic moves, athletic moves, and the form and aesthetics of the jumps.

One of the most common techniques used in competitions is the Double Dutch, in which the participants have to jump high enough so that the rope swings around multiple times. Speed events refer to the events where a jumper has to execute fastest steps for a given time. There are free style events as well. The most creative free style sequence is manipulation sequence. There are Double Dutch speed events as well. Winners are decided based on the average of multiple attempts.

In United States, where the sport has made the most progress, the United States Amateur Jump Rope Federation (USAJRF) conducts various annual national tournaments for rope skipping. The sport is also a part of the annual AAU Junior Olympic Games.


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